Atkinson Tech Help History

john-imageA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I was at the Ohio River one July 4th weekend watching the Thunderboat races when a power glitch wiped out the hard drive holding the database serving a system of nine hospitals in the Midwest. It was my job at the time as database administrator to keep that system running smoothly.

The department head found out where I was, called the state park and sent a ranger to come find me (this was in pre-cell phone days). He was ready to send out a helicopter, but I drove 150 miles back to Indianapolis and got the database back on track.

Your computer problems are no less important.

How Can I Be of Service?

service-to-youI’ve seen a lot of technology come and go since those days. I’ve taken clients from big computers that were fast to little computers that were slow to little computers that are fast. I’ve written software that programmers used to develop other software, and written the user guide that showed them how to use it. I’ve worked with systems as complex as a robotic document archiver and as simple as a printer attached to a PC.

So when you call me with a problem, whether it’s faulty hardware, software that isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, trouble with your Internet access, or maybe you don’t know what the problem is but just know something isn’t right, I have a wealth of experience to draw upon to get you back on track, and I’ll do it quickly and efficiently.

I’ll also explain in plain English how you can use your technology to meet your goals, because it shouldn’t feel oppressive — it should be a tool to make your life easier. Clients often tell me they finally understand something they never understood before; I love hearing that.

And if you understand the problem completely but don’t have time to do it yourself, I’ll be out of your hair as quickly as possible while getting the job done just right.

Need Help Now?

If you’ve ever been frustrated by your technology or the person who is supposed to be helping you with it, Contact Me. I’ll take care of it.